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This site is devoted to stun gun design (high voltage impulse ignition design).

Stun gun circuit design and schematics are simply high voltage low amp impulse ignition system circuits. This is an open source site for people who want to learn electronics through basic stun gun theory. All of the circuits here can be modified or used for other practical applications. This is the site that shows you exactly how a stun gun works and shows you exactly how to go about starting designing stun gun systems.

We concentrate on current direction throughout basic SG circuits giving you valuable skills and tips that can be used in all areas of electronics.


Here we try and cut out all of the jargon used by most in the field of electronics and give information on what areas to study or concentrate on. The last thing newcomers need is to get dredged under by equations, mathematics and deep theory physics.

This section looks at stun gun schematics and stun gun circuits.

This site shares years of knowledge and experience when it comes to stun gun design.

This is just one of the stun gun schematic designs from the schematic designs page. There are many other designs to choose from in this section. If you are a beginner you can start with the how a stun gun works page or one of the easier stun gun circuit designs. If you are slightly more advanced you can choose one of the other designs. All of these circuits are designed for the Xgen Renge Transformers.


Stun Gun Schematics

Stun Gun Schematics

This site does not have Geoffrey Brainstorm throwing equations all over the screen trying to make our brains melt so feel free to enjoy the site and experiment with small designs and concepts.


This site gives advice on beginner and advanced level stun gun setups and only shows fully proven and tested schematics.



This site also gives advice for direct suppliers of stun gun system hardware however this site does not sell stun gun systems or supplies.





Last Update 26/10/2015

This section is a small introduction for new designers.

The section gives an idea of where and how to start designing SG systems.

It tells you how to go about making a solid foundation for starting out designing.

It tells you common pitfalls and traps beginners fall in to when they start out.

Importance of transformer T1 and T2 with SG designs.


Stun Gun Learning Introduction

This section has a detailed guide on how a stun gun works.

It is a question most people ask.

How does a small 9 volt battery create these big sparks and all this power. Find out in this section.


How A Stun Gun Works

Driver Oscillator Stage


Transformer Stage

Multiplier Stage

Trigger   Stage


Pulse Trigger Transformer Stage

The DNA Structure Of A Stun Gun

This section looks at stun gun Ultra Power T1 Transformers.

Ultra Power T1’s are like the engine of your stun gun circuit. It is essential to have a powerful T1. Without a good T1 you will not get enough power generation to charge your storage bank fast enough and therefore you will have a weak design circuit.


Stun Gun Ultra Power T1 Transformers

This section looks at stun gun extreme power T2 Pulse Trigger Transformers.

Xgen Pulse Trigger Transformers have been around now for some years and are certainly among the most powerful transformers in the world for their size to power ratio. These transformers use every micron in design space and are fully computer designed to give maximum performance.



Stun Gun XGen Series T2 Transformers

Pre Built Stun Gun Transformers

It is possible to purchase high power pre built impulse ignition units that can be put inside small hand held miniature enclosures and used for a savage high power stun gun system.

These units are fully ready to go, just connect a battery and get fast impulse power from the output probes.

These are some of the best: Remember do not buy fakes to save a couple of pennies you will just be disappointed and waste your money.


Stun Gun Driver Oscillator Design

This section looks at different diver oscillators within stun gun circuit designs.

There are different types of driver oscillator designs and schematics that do different things. The main idea behind the driver oscillator is to take the current from the battery and change it to a moving current of some kind, a fluctuating, oscillating, pulsed or alternating current in order to create a magnetic field within the T1 transformer.

This section looks at Stun Gun Triggers SCR’s Silicone controlled rectifiers, Surge Arresters Gas Discharge Tubes and Spark Gaps that are used within stun gun schematics circuits.

Some people have massive trouble with trigger designs. With some patience this site will endeavour to help you with these teething troubles.

Stun Gun Driver Trigger Design

Buying Stun Gun System Hardware

Stun Gun hardware is very hard to find but it is just simply custom designed miniature impulse ignition hardware.

I used to spend days searching over the Internet for stun gun hardware then I came across this site. Since then I have never found a better supplier.

I found this direct supplier over five years ago. This supplier has never let me down.

XRS accept credit cards and you can pay by PayPal. All deliveries are tracked. What more can you ask for.

Highly Recommended Supplier.

Power & Battery Advice For Stun Gun Systems

In this section well look at battery power for the stun gun.

Battery cells are a hot topic in this day and age. New cells have come out with new approaches in design technology such as lipo cells.

Many people have different opinions on what cells are the best to use for stun gun design systems.

The more efficient your circuit components are designed the better your circuit will use and deliver power.


Personal Designing Notes

In this section well look at personal designing notes.

What is wrong with science today?

Problems with learning electronics in this day and age.

Experience & mistakes of the past.


Email Site Designer

Learning Introduction

How A Stun Gun Works

T1 Transformers

T2 Transformers

PreBuilt SG Transformers

Driver Oscillator Design

Stun Gun Triggers

Buying Stun Gun Hardware

Battery Advice

Personal Designing

Email SGScience

This site does not advocate the use of stun guns.

Please do not encapsulate these schematics or designs. This site is for circuit design and schematics theory!

Stun guns can be illegal in certain countries so check the law where ever you are.

This site and all of its content are for educational purposes only!.

This site gives no information on encapsulation or enclosures for stun guns, only circuit theory designs and schematics for educational purposes only!

We accept no liability for the misuse of this sites content.

When designing it is important to remember that stun guns are not toys and can inflict a variety of damage.

When designing please be extremely careful when working with high voltages and currents.


How To Build An

Extreme Power Stun Gun

This section looks at how you can make your own extreme power stun gun that is more powerful than anything you can buy on the market today.

This stun gun gives insane power drive with massive 5cm spark distance with a thick glowing power pulsed arks.

Best tutorial on You tube.



How To Build An Extreme Power Stun Gun

How To Build An

Extreme Power Stun Gun