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How To Build An

Extreme Power Stun Gun

This section looks at how you can make your own extreme power stun gun that is more powerful than anything you can buy on the market today.

This stun gun gives insane power drive with massive 50mmm spark distance with a thick glowing power pulsed arks.

Best SG tutorial on You Tube with constant pulse design. This means this design keeps inflicting high voltage damage and keeps pulsing power even when the probes have been sunk in to a conductive layer. This unit or design will not have any remorse. This is not a standard feature found on just any standard off the shelf SG that you buy on the market. Most SG’s on the market drastically reduce power when contact is made this unit does not. This design has the opposite effect and rapidly increases it amp drive when contact is made inflicting high amounts of damage.

This SG power is enough to blow your back teeth out and drop the biggest of our species.

BE WARNED ( WARNING ! ) This is a severe power stun gun when combined with the Xgen transformers. To get shocked by a unit like this would cause severe pain, uncontrolled muscle spasms, paralysing effect on the muscles of the body, burns, blisters, severe muscle shock, vomiting, severe disorientation, confusion.


Simply follow the steps in the video below.

There is You Tube Link and a hard copy of the video if the link get removed.

Hard Copy Video Below ! Incase top link gets removed just double click picture below