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Pre Built Stun Gun Transformers

There are not many places you can get (high voltage / high power) stun gun transformers on the market today.  XRS Design Systems is the best place to find them. Simply look under their Pre Built Impulse Ignition section.

After you buy one simply put the impulse ignition unit inside a small hand held miniature enclosure of your choice to make a savage high power stun gun system. Easy !

You must be very careful of buying fakes of high voltage impulse ignition units that lack performance from China. Rule of thumb Don’t Buy China ! you will just be disappointed and waste your money.

These units shown below are fully ready to go, just connect a battery and get fast impulse power from the output probes.


XRS Original Stun Max 6v - 9v High Voltage Ignition Unit

Input : 9v pp battery .

This unit is a small cheap SG transformer and can give good power when battery power is balanced correctly.

Good beginner SG transformer

67mm x 26mm x 25mm


The New XRS Stun Max K3

7.4v input fully computer designed.

These Stun Max K3 Models are insane levels of power in a miniature case. Truly savage power.

These models are now the most powerful on the market by far. If you get a chance to purchase take it.

Size 70mm x 42mm x 24.5mm


XRS XGen X101 Circuit

7.4v input computer designed.

These open Xgen systems are excellent for the beginner learning SG design. The 101 is basically the same power as the XGen advanced level component pack with fast fire speed.

Small powerful and beautifully balanced system certainly worthy to be on this page.

Size 46mm x 46mm

XRS Design systems is not related to the Sgscience Website

Recommended Direct Order Link

The News: The New Stun Max Venom K3 is here at last and WTF this thing is Serious Power ! This is truly savage power !!!!

I am dying to tell you all the new features inside this thing but we have been forbidden to give any internal details except the new inbuilt constant pulse drive.

Ours arrived today and god dam is this thing powerful.

70mm L x 42mm W x 24.5mm H

Input 7.4v 2S 20C Lipo


It is no wonder they called this the Viper ! Shocking Power Stats.

XRS XGen X201 Circuit

7.4v input computer designed.

The X201 is a little bulky but is powerful with the widest spark distance of all units.

Powerful and beautifully balanced system with standard spark distance of 3cm wide. Fully up gradable for even bigger spark distance.

Size 60mm x 54mm