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Ultra Power T1 Transformers

Ultra Power T1’s are like the engine of your stun gun circuit. It is essential to have a powerful T1. Without a good T1 you will not get enough power generation to charge your storage bank fast enough and therefore you will have a weak design circuit.

Xgen make a range of T1’s now to match and keep up with their xgen range of pulse trigger transformers.

You can purchase direct from

Don’t be fooled by thinking you can find an alternate cheaper versions online, you will just waste your money and time. This is a common mistake made by many when purchasing a driving power T1 or T2. You think you can save a little money and end up losing more money.

Xgen transformers are among the most powerful miniature transformers ever designed in the UK for power to weight ratio and have years of experience and testing design based behind them.

XGenRM8 2000v Ultra Power T1

XGenRM8 1400v Ultra Power T1

XGenPQ26 1800v Ultra Power T1

XGenRM6 1400v Miniature Version Ultra Power T1

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