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Xgen Beginner Level Impulse Ignition Circuit Design.

Now lets add the Gas discharge tube Trigger to the circuit.

Now you are ready for a first test.

Use a 9v 3A approx plug in wall power supply to power the test circuit.

Use a gap of 1.5cm for the xgen output probe wires.

Then widen bit by bit up to what ever you want. 20mm 25mm or bigger.


Now we can add the Xgen Pulse Trigger Transformer.

Also add the output probe Feedback line.

Now lets add Diodes to the Driver Section.


3 Diodes In series

(Look Closely)

Now lets add the main capacitor to the Driver Section.

This should be 1250v 0.33uf or a higher value.

3 Diodes In series

Make sure You connect T1 the correct way around.

Make sure crock clips do not touch each other.



Now join the crock clips to the Ultra Power T1 Transformer.

Lets construct the driver Section on to Bread Board as this is low voltage it is ok to use bread board for this part.

We will construct right up to the T1.


Stage 1


Whatever happens do not build direct to PCB Board !!!.


It would be a big mistake to do this.

First go out and buy a big bag of 100 pieces of small miniature crock clips. Even if you are an advanced builder I advise you use this method.



Getting Stuck In !

Now before you start it is highly advised you get your components in a Xgen Beginner Level Component Pack rather than buy separately. This way you will get fully listed circuit schematics, data sheets, PCB design layout sheets and get access to a full version of this tutorial also you get all components needed for this build including both high power balanced xgen transformers to match this circuit design with full upgrade support.


Xgen Component Pack Direct Supplier :


Don't make the mistake of trying to cobble parts from here there and everywhere together as your finished circuit will more than likely not work at all.


Make sure you read your Xgen Rules Guide Sheet it is essential when using a high power Xgen Pulse Trigger Transformers.



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